No Snooze

Friday, April 11, 2014

Have you guys seen Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up bit that's before The Wink episode?  The one where he talks about what a bad idea snooze buttons are; that they should be sold with an unemployment application & a bottle of tequila...  

Well apparently I've traded in the tequila and the snooze button for a toddler and some monogrammed towels.  

Up until 2 weeks ago Poppy slept until 9:30am, sometimes 10:00.  Now not only does she not sleep until 9:30, she wakes up at 7:00 comes into our room and won't go away.  She doesn't curl up with me in my bed and sleep for a few more minutes either.  She crawls into my bed and gets under the covers pretending like she might sleep for a little while longer.  Then she starts to squirm.  She's squirmy.  It was cute for about a week.  It is no longer cute.  

My toddler would make an effective snooze button debilitation app.  I introduced Poppy to some IT execs in Palo Alto and they seemed pretty excited.  They're working out the beta logistics now, but she'll soon be translated into an alarm app that you can't disable – the noise doesn't stop until 35 minutes later (and you can't turn your phone off either).  If you set The Toddler Alarm for 6:00am, you'll be hearin' Gloria Estefan's 1989 hit  single 'Get On Your Feet' until the clock strikes 6:35.  You betcha.  

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