Suzanne Fleet's '20 Things I Learned From the Second Baby'

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Suzanne Fleet – the writer behind the award-winning blog Toulouse & Tonic – offered 20 useful tidbits for parents in The Huffington Post this week.  I've taken the liberty of curating a little sample for you:

  1.  A baby doesn't really need shoes.

Suzanne is right, they don’t.  But that doesn't mean we'd want to deny our acquaintances and distant cousins the pleasure of gifting those little shoes to our babies, would we now?  Let's not deny them that, they're doing the best they can. 

   2.  Five stained onesies can make up a baby’s entire wardrobe.

Another valid point, Suzanne.  But we'll still want to push our various agendas onto our children via supplemental onesies, and that's okay.  When there's a baby around, us parents/grandparents/aunts/other interested parties can't help but exploit its illiteracy by way of the onesie.  This is why babies have so many onesies (way way more than 5).

My husband's agenda. I don't like California.

   3.  I do not indeed have an unlistenable singing voice.

Which reminds me of how lovely it is that your children are, at least for a while, so completely and organically into you.

   4.  No, you will not have any ‘me’ time.  Even in a two-parent household, no one is ‘off’ anymore – you’re now in man-to-man coverage.

It's this one that gives me the most anxiety about getting back into the procreation game. 

  5.  Some kids do not like TV at all.  At all.  

Really Suzanne?  Not even Julie Andrews?  Are these kids American?  If this not liking TV thing turns out to be true with my second one, how will I be able to finish getting ready in the mornings?    

I’ve become dependent on Petit Nicolas
for that a.m. dazed child interval.

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