Miranda Hart Defines The 4 Varieties Of 'Extreme Mother'

Monday, February 10, 2014

i truly respect her choice of footwear–

In her book Is It Just Me?, Miranda Hart hits up a variety of subjects – from grooming, to that pressure society puts on you to have hobbies.

In the chapter entitled 'Mothers and Children', Miranda takes us through her observational notes on the subject of extreme motherhood by defining the 4 Types of Extreme Mother (with Type 1 being the most extreme):

Extreme Mother Type 1

  • These are the terminally superior ones.  
  • They bestow the most ambitious of names upon their children.  
  • One major source of Type 1’s pride is the fact that she owns the largest SUV on the market – it was assembled in Afghanistan, it's bullet-proof, and can hold up to 14 bugaboos*.

Extreme Mother Type 2

  • These ladies take motherhood a fraction less seriously.  
  • The stroller is a MaClaren.  
  • Her diaper bag looks like this:
cath kidston is an adorable British novelty brand.  i recently
almost bought one of her wallets whilst milling about Heathrow.
and is stocked with organic, gluten-free food in neatly labeled tupperwares.

  • Her car is oddly clean...which is one of the ways she silently competes with the other mothers.  
  • She never appears to be at wit's end; she simply forces through her fatigue with a song.  

Extreme Mother Type 3

  • She lets her children watch TV.
  • Her car is not clean.  
  • Type 2 mothers are pumped that Type 3 mothers exist because there's nothing to prove; it's plain to see whose children will turn out better. 

Extreme Mother Type 4

  • The 'Too Much Information' mother.  
  • She uploaded her birthing video (yes, the unedited director's cut) onto Youtube and Facebook.   
  • She can be found scouting for mommy friends at various activity group meetings.  

By the end of the 'Mothers and Children' chapter, it’s obvious that all Miranda is saying is that we should calm ourselves; I tend to agree with her. 


*It might have been my deep-seated aversion to Extreme Mother Type 1 that lead me to purchase a Fiat.  The Fiat can hold one non-extreme mother, 1 husband (if he quits late-nighting at Braum’s), one Pop-Tart, and up to 1 bugaboo – and that’s if you push the little cinque cento to full capacity (not recommended).


poppy has her own fiat-


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