Jet-Setting Parenthood

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a slightly yuppy American mom: 'Where should we take the kids for the month of August this year honey?'

a yuppy American dad: 'Oh, hmmm, I dunno sweety.  How about some place we can go sailing?  How 'bout Nantucket?'

a slightly yuppy American mom: 'Oh no, we can't go there this year.  I heard that Bob and Sarah will be there again.'

 a yuppy American dad: 'Good point.  Let's rent a house someplace else then.  Someplace different; someplace...exotic.'

Enter Kid & Coe ( ).  Travel + Leisure  describes it as 'the new go-to site for jet-setting parents'.  

I'm not sure that I could describe myself as such, but I know that I'd like to fall under the heading of 'jet-setting parent'.  I've got a diverse collection of stamps and visas in the ol' passport...they've just been accumulating at a slower rate than they were pre-Pop-Tart.  

Kid & Coe finds kid-friendly houses and apartments that are available to rent.  These places have kid stuff in them: toys, games, children's dinnerware, high chairs, toddler beds or bed rails, cribs...stuff like that.  

Here are some reasons that one would want to go with a curated rental instead of a hotel room:

-There'd be more space in-between you and your child.  This is especially practical when your child is sleeping and you're still wide awake reading (aka drinking wine and watching Girls on iTunes).

-Any extra bedrooms could be used for putting-up a grandma or a babysitter. 

-Kitchens: although many of us wouldn't feel like cooking while on vacation, the aforementioned grandma/babysitter is going to need somewhere to heat chicken nuggets while you – the parental units – are out there siteskipping ( and learning new languages.  

-Children are more easily tended to when you've got STUFF – stuff that wouldn't be worth hauling or renting – much of which you'd find in Kid & Coe's curated rentals.  (the kid-related materials are listed in each rental's respective 'amenities' section).  

I think Suffolk is somewhere the U.K. ...
I'd go just to play with these sheep-

The site also goes into detail (without being too verbose or chatty) about why each destination is a good place to take kids and what to do with your kids once you get there.  For example, they consider Iceland to be 'one of the most child-friendly countries in Europe' where your kids (and you!) can ride 'hardy ponies', swim in the apparently famous Blue Lagoon, and go offshore puffin watching!

he's skipping.  that icelandic puffin is skipping.

Okey dokey.  Let the G-rated jet-setting begin!

This article interviewing Yolanda Edwards is what first introduced me to the sensible practice of renting as opposed to hoteling.  It's worth reading if you want to travel with your child:

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