Business In The Front, Party In The Back

Friday, January 3, 2014

Well, we're moving farther away from the mullet-inspired hairdo that resulted from the first haircut.  We have both Poppy's new hairstylist and the passage of time to thank for this improvement:  

We arrive for our appointment at Children's Hair Design to find Wendy Hart – children's hairstylist extraordinaire – still chatting with her last two customers.  I'm mighty encouraged when I see that these two adolescents are leaving with some lollipops and some nice hairdos.  

me: 'Hi, you must be Wendy.  I'm Paige, and this is Poppy.'

Poppy explores the spacious yet intimate salon.

Wendy: 'Yep.  What are we doin' today?'

me: 'We are just doing a bang trim.  We're still in recovery from her first haircut.'  

Wendy lures Poppy to the swivel chair with a pre-emptive lollipop.  I am impressed.

Wendy: 'I can see that.'

me: 'Right?!!  I had told the lady to just do a bang trim but she talked me into this nonsense.'

I show Wendy the after picture from 2 months ago.  

Wendy: 'Oh.  It's almost like a mullet.'

me: 'I know!  My husband was all like "business in the front, party in the back".  I didn't want this kind of party.'

Wendy: 'I can't believe they did this.  When a mom says "just the bangs", that's what you do.'

me: 'Well, I take responsibility for Poppy's Jonathan Taylor Thomas haircut debacle of 2013.  It was me who ultimately gave the go-ahead.  But we're moving forward now.'

Wendy: 'Yes, you can only move forward.'

Wendy proceeds to do a lovely little trim off the bangs; it was over so quickly that she refused to let me pay (despite my mild objection).  It suffices to say that headin' over to Children's Hair Design by Wendy Hart is likely to yield a lovely hairdo for your child.  No business or parties unless explicitly requested.

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