A Kerfuffle

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Well, The Pop-Tart got into her first fight.  It was over a doll – Poppy's doll.  Some kid tried to steal Poppy's doll.  Poppy loves dolls; she calls them 'baby'.  'Baby'.  The other day she came into my room with one baby in each arm.  She has this strong maternal instinct that I thought was reserved for rural communities.  Poppy even goes so far as to feed her babies imaginary food and kiss them on the head.  

I only wish that I had been at MDO with a video camera to document said fight.  How did it all go down?  Both of these children are under 2 years of age and thus can't put a sentence together – ruling out the arrival of an unmediated verbal settlement.

I'm sure that this other kid had innocently assumed that the baby belongs to the establishment and is thus communal property to be shared amongst the children at Mother's Day Out (daycare).  Having said that, I don't really care what this other kid assumed...I'm on Poppy's side.  

The dolly incident at Mother's Day Out resulted in a permanent ban of Poppy's babies at school.  I hope that her maternal instinct isn't suppressed by this restriction.  


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