'Shhh...daddy's sleeping!'

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I've never said 'shhh...daddy's sleeping!'.  But my husband has certainly said 'shhh...mommy's sleeping!' whilst tip-toeing around.  In fact, I'd say that he's pretty much always taking care to not disturb my slumber.  If and when daddy wakes up before mommy on the weekends, he slips quietly out the bedroom door and coordinates the party from Poppy's room.  

Unfortunately for them, daddies are not granted this same courtesy.  When mommy wakes up life stampedes noisily into the bedroom in the form of Meet The Press, the dog, and, before you know it, the baby is in the matrimonial bed too.  

Meanwhile daddy has burrowed his head under the comforter to nurse his vain hope that he'll be able to continue sleeping with a dog and a baby crawling on him.  And it certainly doesn't help matters that mommy keeps requesting that daddy's bagel delivery service be expedited this morning:  

'I'll take my usual, honey lamb: cranberry with low-fat almond cream cheese, please'.  

Poor daddies.  

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