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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Q: What is literally the best thing ever?  
A: gym childcare

they're getting ready to go to the gym
Equinox, in particular, has an excellent thing going on.  It's got everything: beautiful and inspiring internet billboards, healthy food, an excellent shop (called 'The Shop') in which you can purchase leisurewear and sportswear, ambient lighting, a treadmill, gossipy commercial real estate guys – you name it.  

They've even got a little childcare nook.  It has sparkly blue floors and costs $10 per day.  Now...there's probably some sort of time constraint on that, but I can't speak to it personally.  Here's what we have to work with: 

MON - FRI = 8:00am - 2:00pm; 4:00pm - 7:30pm
SAT & SUN = 8:00am - 1:00pm

they just got back from the gym

When you sign your kid in they give you this beeper thing and tell you that it's for contacting you 'in the event that there's some sort of emergency with your child'.  Despite the benign nature of this claim, when they first handed me that beeper I couldn't help but think that it had an undisclosed function – perhaps the ability to detect you leaving the building?  Hence the following experiment: an illicit errand...outside the gym.  

Yep, I did a non-exercise-related errand – I drove the 2 miles back down to our lovely apartment and basked in beautiful silence for 15 minutes.
So, now we know.  Now we know the answer: the gym childcare pager thingy is a one-dimensional communication device, not a tattle tale GPS.

Ladies (those of you who have some offspring on your hands), here we have yet another reason to work out.  It's not fitness, it's liberation.  

don't you love Equinox's steamy ads?

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