We Gotta Read To 'Em

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Well, Pam Allyn does what she said she would do – she tells us what to read and when.  She also tells us why we should read these books and gives us some suggestions about how we should read them.  It’s like she’s helping us to cultivate our own little familial book clubs*.   

So yea, here are my big takeaways from the book:

1) Why is ‘the read-aloud’ so important?  
-It’s the most effective way to inspire your kid to establish the lifelong habit of reading early and often (plus reading aloud is nurturing and shows that you care).  

2) How should we, logistically, go about all this reading?  Where should we read?
-One of my biggest takeaways is that I should keep baskets of books everywhere: in the kitchen, on the dining table, next to Poppy’s bathtub, next to my bed, etc..  You can categorize these baskets by author, by genre, by language, by interest, etc..  Pam’s main point on this front: books belong everywhere because lifelong readers read everywhere.

-Pam suggests that we not rush the read-aloud.  Let's take some time here, make ourselves comfortable, and savor the read-aloud.  Having said that, if you've had a long day and you’re tired, it’s totally okay to consolidate bath time and read-aloud time.  I’ve already ordered some of Pam's suggested bath time reads, including  Do Pirates Take Baths? (when I read her description of this book as a ‘bouncy jaunt through the daily activities of pirates’, I was like 'Sold!').

3) What should we read and when?
-Reading from a diverse variety of genres is good for everyone involved; Pam describes genres as ‘containers for thinking’.

-I enjoyed her discussion of the kinds of books we should read with 2-3 year olds.  This is the time to integrate ‘interest development’ books and to ‘be on the lookout this early for your child’s passions and interests.  They are there, and can be nurtured through your connections with your child through literature.’  

Last night, when Poppy's twitchiness was confined to the lobster**, Matt and I read Madeline to her (actually, I was the only one doing any reading).  Pam Allyn considers this to be a 'landmark book'.  She mentions Madeline  again later in her list of kids books that address the theme of 'Being Yourself'.
'something is not right!' -miss clavell

So basically, if we read these stories to our kids, we will arm them with ideas, values, and perspective – they will never be alone, and neither will we.

*Oh man, book clubs.  I’ve never done the book club thing, but I’ve always sort of wanted to.  Whenever I sign up for one I just end up canceling (ah...the canceling of plans; now there's a pastime that never ceases to provide instant gratification). 

**see  http://www.poppyadventures.com/2013/03/plugging-in-pop-tart.html 


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