Grandparent Nomenclature: The Seven Granddaddy Dwarfs

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mothers who are on the cusp of grandmotherhood see their upcoming role as an opportunity to step outside of themselves a bit – and what better way to begin the adventure than the selection of her grandmother nickname (the ultimate consolation prize for not being consulted on the selection of her grandchild's name).  

Should she go with something traditional, like 'Grandma', 'Granny', or 'Grandmother'?  Or should she go with something like Nana, Neenee, Grams, or Grammy?  

Some grandmothers (in search for a means of self expression) ask themselves ‘Why not make it something jazzy?’.  

In her book Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother, Amy Chua describes her mother-in-law as having been gorgeous when she was young; reminiscent of Rita Hayworth (whoever that is).  Florence was witty, well put together, and had a keen art eye.  Amy Chua's daughters, as per Florence's request, called their grandmother 'Popo'.  I think that the name 'Popo’ is pretty cool actually, edgy even.  And it probably wasn’t too big a leap for a chic woman like Florence.  

And now a word on a separate, simpler task: the naming of the grandfather.  If I were going to be a grandfather, I'd select my new name from The Seven Granddaddy Dwarfs list.  Not only are these grandfather names practical, they're pretty festive too:  
  1. Grumpy*
  2. Doc
  3. Sneezy
  4. Dopey
  5. Sleepy
  6. Slouchy
  7. Grouchy

*This is Poppy's grandfather's name.  He's actually not a grumpy person...but the name still suits him.  

Yep, future grandfathers have it easier on the nickname front.  Maybe we should come up with a Seven Grandmother Dwarves list!