The One Couple Who Definitely Read Enough To Their Kids*

Friday, September 13, 2013

There was an article about Stephen King's family in The New York Times Magazine  that left me freshly inspired:

'Entertaining their parents, for the King children, was part job, part enrichment. At bedtime, they were the ones expected to tell their parents stories, instead of the other way around.'  'If reading was a common escape in the King household, it was nonetheless deeply social. They read on tape, but they also took turns reading aloud after dinner, passing around “The Hobbit” or the Narnia chronicles.'

the article highlighted how close the Kings are to one another-

Did the Kings simply not have a TV in the house when their kids were growing up?  

There's this wonderful french expression:  to be <<en train de>> something.  It means to be 'in the middle of doing something', or to be 'in the flow of doing something'.  I imagine that, even in the face of the hypnotic vortex that is TV, if you began reading The Hobbit or The Poisonwood Bible or Fifty Shades of Grey  aloud with your child after dinner, you guys would likely become engrossed in the story and your communal experience of the it.  So engrossed that after dinner novel reading would quickly become a habit.  You and your lot would eventually even prefer  family storytime to the clacking television sooner rather than never.

*Well, there's probably more than one, but I don't know of any others offhand.

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