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Monday, September 16, 2013

We do not read to Poppy often enough, and I know that that's really bad.  It's just that I find it tedious; I don't read fiction personally, and kid books are fiction.  I'm very American in that regard.  You know how it goes: 'no time to waste, must learn things and improve self'.  

So, while Poppy's little books are cute and the illustrations can be entertaining and all, I still find them too tedious to read to her on a nightly basis.  I'd say that I probably only read to her 4 or 5 times per week.  These sessions generally begin with a reading from Bisou (by Benoît Charlat): 

followed by a Hairy Maclary book (by Lynley Dodd):

this one is actually pretty fun. there's a dachshund
named Schnitzel von Krumm ('
with a very low tum')

Do you remember that split-screen scene in Annie Hall where we experience Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in their respective therapy sessions?

Alvie's therapist:  'How often do you sleep together?'
Annie's therapist:   'Do you have sex often?'

Alvie:  'Hardly ever, maybe 3 times per week.' 
Annie:  'Constantly, I'd say 3 times per week.'

I'm fairly certain that, if Poppy had a more advanced language capacity and if we both had therapists, a split-screen scene of our therapy sessions would play out in a similar fashion:

My therapist:  'How often do you read to her?'
Poppy's therapist:  'Does she read to you often?'

me:  'Hardly ever, maybe 5 times per week.'
Poppy:  'Oh my goodness...constantly.  I'd say 5 times per week.'

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