Optimal Toddler Footwear

Friday, September 27, 2013

Crocs are probably definitely the optimal choice in modern toddler footwear.  The fact that socks are optional was the tipping point for me; given Poppy's perpetually squirmy comportment, I welcome anything that eases the process of getting her dressed.  If she's being feisty (which is fairly often), this process easily qualifies as an athletic activity: there's some chasing, then you have to steady and balance The Pop-Tart's small but limber body long enough to get it into some pants.  It's often the case that, once you get her left leg into the pants and are working on the right leg, she takes that left one back out again.  So yea, the option to skip an entire genre of clothing is lovely.  

But adults wearing Crocs...that's a different story. Nothing says 'I've given up' like wearing rubber shoes. 


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