Optimal Toddler Footwear II

Friday, September 27, 2013

Kid Crocs are generally offered in a variety of solid colors, which eases the challenging process of having your baby look well put together (ie. her outfit matches).  Bonus: if you child wants to liven up his or her footwear the geniuses at Crocs have just the thing for you: shoe charms.  You simply insert them into those little holes.  

these charms for kids crocs are called Jibbitz
and i must say that i think they're pretty cool-
I opted out of the charm bit.  Not for any stylistic reason – I actually think that they're quite festive – it's just that I'm sure Poppy would pull them off and leave them laying around just like she does everything else.  She's a messy little Pop-Tart.

poppy helping Ikea organize their merchandise-

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