'Kids Need Bullying' -Chris Rock

Thursday, August 15, 2013

in this scene Rock is talking about his passion for Kentucky Fried Chicken and Popeye's-

So, our comedians arrive at a charming coffee joint somewhere in New Jersey.  They're having coffee and chatting it up.  They seem to be best friends – genuinely happy to be in one another's company (I wish I  had more friends like that).  

Rock: 'Everybody is tryin' to get rid of bullying.  Are you kidding?  Some of these kids need this...I'll go even further, most kids need bullying.  Who's gonna be the guy who cures AIDS?  Who's gonna be the guy who replaces fossil fuels?  Some guy that was bullied, that's who's gonna do it!'

Seinfeld, clearly interested where Rock is going to take this one, offers an encouraging response:

'Yea, ya know, my wife is always trying to keep the boys from beating up on each other....and I'm like, no, this is it.'

Rock: 'This is LIFE!  My wife wants everything to be fair.'

Then Rock describes his daughter's recent basketball game.  Lola isn't very good at basketball, which is why the coach didn't put her in the game.  Mrs. Rock was pissed off...

Rock (tapping Jerry's shoulder): 'Ya know, honey, there's a way to get in the game... I'm just sayin'.  Ya know...there's a way to get in the game.'

Seinfeld: 'Other than having your mother....'

Rock: 'Yea yea.  Some kids actually got in the game.  Ya know, I did tell my daughter...I used to go to the comedy club...and they would not put me on.  I used to get there at 7:45, and I would wait there 'til 1:30, 2:00 in the morning and not get on.  But I'd worked on it, I worked.'

Seinfeld: 'I'll tell you what one of the great activities is, skateboarding.  To learn to do a skateboard trick...how many times you gotta do something wrong to get it right?  You fall, you hurt yourself, you learn to do that trick....now you got a life lesson.  Whenever I see those skateboard kids...I think, those kids 'll be alright.'    

I tell you what, these guys are profound, they're funny, they're profoundly funny.  I can't think of better things to be-



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    1. Thanks! Yea, Chris Rock makes an interesting point in this episode.