A Recurring Segment We're Calling: Figuring Out What I'm Supposed To Be Doing With Poppy

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Perot Museum is the best thing ever.  It's a huge indoor playground with a gusty air conditioning system.  Love that air conditioner.  Lots of people go there on the weekdays, lots of people go there on the weekends.  Everybody's doing it, including us on both the weekdays and weekends.  Poppy plays in their children's museum.  It's got everything:

  • campground (complete with a tent and fake campfire),
  • a traditional-ish playground area with a slide attached to a convincing replica of reunion tower,
  • an area where kids play and experiment with water, and 
  • an area where kids play with plastic fruit and plastic flowers.  

'should i be worried about that furry animal?'

The only negative thing I'd say about the Perot Museum is that the staff seems palpably pissed off about something.  Very cranky indeed-  

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