Will You Take Care of This Baby? (part 2 of many)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

All chapters come to an end, but sometimes you wish they wouldn't.  One such chapter is Poppy's Mini-Mustang Land.  

SMU Preschool and Childcare Center is a dream institution by anyone's standards – it's a land of learning, a land of love, a land of low teacher-to-student ratios (in the infant room the ratio is 1:2, there are 2 teachers and 4 infants.  Excellent.)   It is recommended that SMU's students and faculty who want to put their kids here get on the wait list 2 to 3 years in advance.  

mini-mustang land

It was last December when I found out that one of my spring classes was going to be an 8:00am-er.  This meant that on-campus childcare would be ideal (more than ideal really).  I had not put Poppy on the wait list 2 to 3 years in advance.  So I decided to go sing my plight to the Director lady of SMU Preschool and Childcare Center.  She happened to be outside when I approached Hawk Hall on that crisp/chirpy December morning.  I recognized her as the Director lady from 100 yards away*

me: 'Hello, are you Miss Julie?'

Director lady: 'Why yes I am.'

me: 'I thought that you looked like her.  You look like someone who is accustomed to being approached by mothers who need someone to look after their children.'

Director lady:  [stares blankly]

me: 'The thing is that I was wondering if I could leave my baby here with you while I'm in class next semester.  She'll be 7 months old.'

[I pause to give her a look conveying that I am very nice and also very deserving of her services.] 

me: 'I'm sure you're full, but maybe I could get on a wait list or something?'

Director lady: 'Well that wouldn't do you any good, there are 43 babies on the wait list and there is space for only 4 babies total in the center.'

me: 'It would only be this one semester, Poppy and I are off to grad school after that.'

Director lady: 'So it would be only for Spring 2013, January through May?'

me: 'Oh yes, uh-huh, only one semester.  My daughter and I are going to graduate school after that.  It is just a very short amount of time.  And my baby is VERY well-behaved.  I'm sure that  all parents who are trying to get in here say that, but my baby really is well-behaved.  I wouldn't say that if it weren't true.  Promise.'

Director lady: 'Well, let me get your number...'

I hand her my envelope with Poppy's application in it, and try to give her the check for the application fee.

Director lady: 'No, I don't want to take your check yet.  But, since it'd only be for a short time, maybe there is something I could do.'

She recites their tuition schedule.

me: 'Oh, yes, that's fine.  I can go ahead and pay a deposit....'

Director lady: 'Well, let me talk to my supervisor and get back to you by Wednesday.'

me: 'Perfect.  That would be AMAZING!  Thank you so much!'

'where are the eggs?'

I didn't think that I'd find a place like this to put The Pop-Tart.  The following is an email thread from the middle of the Spring semester: 

me: 'SMU childcare has been the most perfect situation ever for us.  And remember that one morning...I told you that she was a good/well-behaved baby whilst begging for a spot!  (lol)'

Director lady (aka Miss Julie): 'It all worked out for the best and you touched my heart!!!!! I knew we were meant to "run" into each other that morning!!  You sold yourself the right way........LOL!'  

The semester has ended, so it is now time for Poppy and I to ride on to our next adventure...

*These women are generally pretty easy to spot.  Directors of childcare centers are important people.  I've met three of these ladies so far, and I gotta tell ya, they have been strikingly similar.  The ones whom I've met have all been jovial/jolly, confident, ample types who add liberal amounts of hairspray to their hairdos.  I love these women even though they intimidate the heck out of me.  

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