Disco Dancin'

Monday, May 20, 2013

In general, we are still a bit unsure of what we're supposed to do with Poppy.  Yesterday Matt, Poppy and I went to Music Together's Summer Luau Disco Party (and yes, it's exactly what is sounds like it is).  

Poppy was initially intimidated by all the people and all the ruckus.     

'oh my goodness mommy, what's all this about?'

'who are all these people?'

'okay, i'll dance if you hold me'

'okay, i'm fine now mommy,
you can put me down.  let's do this thing.'

The Pop-Tart is freed from the shackles of intimidation, and I spend the rest of the hour hovering as her dancing bodyguard to make sure she doesn't get stepped on. 



  1. Hello Paige,

    And you did it again! You made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

    You did mostly what you were supposed to do and thank you for wondering that out loud.

    You broke away 'from your shackles of intimidation' and did make it onto the dance floor.

    Sadly from me, i have not reached my life's goal of encouraging ALL my Mommies and Daddies to dance and sing without social pressure NOT TO. After all we are born movers and sounders - right? We are taught not to.

    I must thank you, Matt and the Pop Tart for supporting me as well as the Joel Shickman Children's Music Fund. The party was a success. We did reach new goals! Now we can make a tangible and profound difference in many families lives.

    With love always,