Want to go on an adventure?

Friday, March 22, 2013

me:  'Hey Poppy, wanna go on an Adventure to Central Market?!'

Poppy:  '__________.'

A blogette by the name of Joanna Goddard had a little blurb in this month's Parenting magazine:

My Dad used to say everything was an "adventure." He'd be going to the grocery store, for example, and he'd ask us, "Want to go on an adventure?" We pile into the car, excited to try some cheese samples and listen to the radio while driving. That one word made everything feel thrilling.

I love this idea and I'm definitely going to start doing it with Poppy O..  She's very into the race car carts at Whole Foods and Central Market (well, to be honest...Poppy's not the only one who's into the race car carts).  She's wildly entertained when I walk in front of the grocery cart and stare at her as I push the cart forward and then pull it back real real fast.  She thinks it's her private little roller coaster ride during which I sometimes let out a reluctant 'whhhhheeeeee'.   


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