Plugging In The Pop-Tart

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We had been putting off the acquisition of a high-chair because I didn't like the idea of yet another clunky baby item draining the apartment's tranquility.  That's how I was able to rationalize feeding squeezy food to Poppy whilst seated on the floor like some kind of savage....

this is poppy's squeezy food.  you just squeeze this
stuff into your baby's mouth; no spoon required-

...Until last week when I discovered that there's this device known as a Lobster  that allows you to stick your baby right there on your table - suspending it in the air.  And once that baby is installed, she's not going anywhere (this thing is solid).  I feel fairly confident in making the claim that this Lobster seating arrangement may literally be the best thing ever.  It's like our table has a USB port!

'who moved my juicebox?'

'how's your love life?'

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