Poppy's Second Semester of Music Together

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's difficult to summon the leagues of enthusiasm required, but Poppy O. needs to begin enhancing her social and motor skills (and by that I of course mean that she needs to begin carving her Curriculum Vitae).  All any of us mommies want (with regards to our children) is for them to have intelligence, a well-adjusted demeanor, and an acceptance letter from the University of our choice*.  That's not too much to ask - but it does mean that I must again summon the enthusiasm to sing children's songs while dancing and twirling around at Tiferet Israel.

During the first class of the semester Ms. Gila shared a Music Together success story with the group: the first 3 year old to ever be admitted to Mensa was indeed a MT student.  This anecdote was quickly followed with the instruction to 'not make this our goal'.

It was only later that I found out that Mensa is a club for geniuses.  If you have to ask what it is, non of your offspring are eligible.

They're doing a bit of renovation at the primary entrance to the temple, so it's now necessary to use an alternative entrance.  This alternative entrance is closer to the main....oh what's it called......let's just call it the 'main adult worship chamber'.    

While walking to the MT classroom Poppy and I saw the following box next to the main adult worship chamber:

Which resulted in the following:

'i consider this to be only mildly disrespectful.'

My first words to Ms. Gila this semester were:

me:  'Poppy stole a yarmulke.'

(which Ms. Gila, being the professional that she is, chose to ignore)  

'Music is language'
-Ms. Gila


*oh yea, and we also want them to be happy.  

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