The Whispering Angel

Friday, October 5, 2012

There are many compelling reasons to not want to be a pregnant person, and wine is a big one.

There’s a Goody Goody liquor store just around the corner from our apartment that carries Whispering Angel – an excellent French rosé.  The sweet guys who run the place usually have some hidden in the back of the refrigerator for me. 

another excellent reason to maintain my current state of non-pregnancy

You’re not allowed to leave babies in cars*.  And since I won’t be budged on this rule (gotta have standards), Poppy is coming into the liquor store with me.  

I felt a little weird about it the first few times, but I want my vino – and I'm Poppy's primary caregiver – so she's gotta go in there too.  Sometimes people make funny little comments when they see me carrying her in.  Comments like, 

liquor store patron A: 'He like vodka or scotch?' 

(I need to add more pink to Poppy’s wardrobe.)


liquor store patron B: 'Let's get that baby a beer!' 

Poppy is quiet, her little feet are dangling out the bottom of the Baby Björn sling.

me, laughing nervously: 'Oh...huh...we're just getting wine'.   

They seem at ease with this response.

Having had some time to think about it...I’ve arrived at the following conclusion: It's okay to take your baby into the liquor store as long as it's a reasonably nice liquor store, and as long as your just getting wine.  

If you still feel tacky & awkward about the act of going into the liquor store with your infant, just remind yourself that there are a great many worse/tackier things.  And hey, at least you’re not a pregnant chic cruising the wine racks; that would be markedly less appropriate.      

* Everyone knows this and yet there's always some woman who leaves her kid in the car in the middle of summer; my theory is she's just not that into her kid anymore.

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