Friday, October 5, 2012

Here's a new concern that I've had lately:

How much longer will I be physically able to carry Poppy?

She weighed 16 pounds at her 4 month checkup, putting her in the 95th percentile for weight.  This didn't bother me, because she is in the 85th percentile for height.  We'll find out at her 6 month pedi visit on October 25th, but I'm guessing that she weighs 21 pounds or so now.  Or maybe even 25 pounds.  

The otherwise dependable method of putting Poppy in the Baby Bjorn sling carrier on my chest is already on its way out (it's beginning to hurt my back since she is getting so heavy).  This bums me out because the chest carrier has been an easy and quick way to carry her around while at the Whole Foods or while sitting in a restaurant.  She just hangs out in there while I'm eating brunch, and it's pleasant for everyone.  

My concern is regarding how much she will weigh before she becomes a full-time walker.  It's becoming increasingly difficult to hold her and carry her around.  The day will come when I won't be able to carry her at all.  For example, I don't think that I am strong enough to lift a 40 pound person.  Do I need to start weight lifting/strength training?  I would really rather not.


poppy in a communal stroller at 'mommy's day out'

notice how Poppy is the only baby who's bag gets a seat as well. 

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