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Monday, October 22, 2012

People enjoy peeking into others peoples' lives.  Especially when these other people are like them in some big or important way.

When I saw D Moms at Whole Foods, I thought 'Perfect.  Dallas mothers and Dallas' soon-to-be mothers will eat this up.'

Admittedly, some of the content was cliché.  Exposés of wealthy philanthropy moms and their closets full of Chanel purses have never been of much interest to me.  However, there were a few pieces that I found compelling.  Among them were the following:

1)  An interesting exposé on a Vietnamese fashion blogger by the name of Hanh Merriman.  Here are a few tidbits:

-'Buy only what you really love, don't settle for something you just like, no matter the price.'

-She plans learning trips for her family.  She sees 'vacations as a time for the girls to get excited about new things.'  Her examples were:
  • making pasta in Venice
  • acting lessons in NYC
  • whale watching in Vancouver

This makes me want to plan some learning trips for Poppy O.!

2)  There was another mommy exposé that impressed me: Confessions of a Selfish Mom - We decided that our children would live in our world, not we in theirs. 

Christine Allison uses this forum to reflect back on her Disney Worldless parenting strategy.  Her kids didn't have a lot of toys, and their family didn't go to places that were specifically tailored to children.  She and her husband raised their four daughters in an adult world.

-'We agreed that being subsumed by children is in no one's best interest...We were afraid that somehow we would lose ourselves.'

-'Not having a lot of toys and gadgets made space for writing plays, riding bikes, and making worlds out of cardboard boxes.  We had a country house in upstate New York and on weekends big Allisons and tiny Allisons spent every moment together, in a multipurpose room, reading books, cooking, listening to public radio.  It wasn't the Magic Kingdom, but it was magical.'

Public radio?  Upstate New York?  Books instead of toys?  I'm glad to see that D Magazine's spin-off can step outside of their prescribed realm every now and again.

Now, who's ready to watch some football?


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