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Monday, October 22, 2012

This is a new segment we're calling: no mini-van....ever.

Matt's ultra-ghetto 2004 Chrysler '500 M' took its final breath a few weeks ago.  So, as previously discussed, he took my Honda Element (read: the 'toaster') and I got a new vehicle.

you can put a baby in here


Yep.  I have a 6 month old baby and I bought a very small (even by European standards) car.  Maverick!

The fact of the matter is, Poppy is a very small person, so it's actually no problem at all to fit her into a small car.  Small person, small car - see?  In my case, I put her into her rear-facing car seat via the hatchback door.  It takes less time to get her situated because I don't have to actually get into the car in order to put her into the car.  I recently learned that the Fiat 500 is considered to be a 3-door automobile (the hatchback door is considered to be the 3rd door.  This actually does make sense because, at least for us, it functions as a baby door.)

So if any of you mommies want to walk hand-in-hand with me into the 21st century, where the cars have excellent fuel economy, know that you aren't alone.  Maverick!

I love this car, it's very euro-chic.  Others love it as well:

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