5 Months = More Noise

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome back to the Poppy-O Show.  The protagonist (and sometimes the antagonist), Poppy, is 5 months old!!(?)

While we were in New York last week, Poppy learned how to roll herself over.  Once she gets herself rolled over, being face downward seems to stress her out.  Matt thinks that she's stressed because she wants to crawl but can't do it yet.  This new rolling over skill has bumped up the amount of effort required to be her caregiver.  Until last week, she'd sit still in her lavender Nap Nanny for large chunks of the day.  We'd put this Nap Nanny on the table, on the bed, etc..  Now she might sit still in the Nap Nanny for a little while but sooner or later she begins to squirm and push her legs down like she's trying to stand up.  So then I'll put her on the floor in the Baby Einstein play gym thing.  It's this colorful blanket with two bended sticks connected to it.  There are lots of toys hanging from the sticks for her to grab onto, most notably a blue octopus.  After I have placed her on the floor in the play gym it's not long until she starts grabbing the sticks to help her roll herself on over.  The thing is though that once she is rolled over on her stomach she begins to make lots of noises.  These noises are loud and annoying.  These noises are somewhere in-between cries for help and sounds of exertion (and I have trouble telling the difference).  Suffice it to say that there is a lot of noise, a lot of the time.

It's possible that some of this noise is a reaction to her teefers comin' in.  I can feel their ridges along her bottom gums.  I'm going to go get her some baby oragel gum numbing gel stuff.  Yesterday at the gym I asked the Homosexual Anesthesiologist whether or not it was okay to use some type of numbing gel on her gums:

'Oh yea, it's totally safe.  It doesn't last for very long but it may calm her down some when she's hurting.'

The thing about the rolling over skill is that she now rolls over onto her stomach while she is in her crib.  This caused me some anxiety for a day or two.  Beginning when I was pregnant I was told that you should put NOTHING in the crib, and that your baby needs to sleep on her back.  If not, she'll probably die of SIDS.  It even says 'Back Is Best' on her sleep sacks (which we call her sacks'o'sleep).  When we got back from New York on Sunday and put her in her crib for bed, she rolled over.  Sometimes she rolls over and gets kind-of lodged in the corner.  This freaked me out at first.  I kept checking on her and putting her back on her back throughout the night for a couple of nights.  Now it's clear that she wants to sleep on her stomach, and she is going to get back on her stomach, one way or another.  She'll either sleep on her stomach while I get a good night's rest, or she'll sleep on her stomach with me waking up to put her back on her back at dark:thirty all night.

'i can roll over now'

'this is my purple throne'

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