Cinderella's Intermission

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Someday Poppy O. will want to watch the Disney film Cinderella.  I will say:

'Sure thing lil' Poppy...let's watch it together.'

We will sit down to watch Cinderella.  We'll be watching Cinderella, watching, watching.  The prince's Grand Duke will be looking for the one girl in the Kingdom whose foot fits into the glass slipper.  The Evil Stepmother will trip the Grand Duke, he will fall and the glass slipper with shatter exactly as it has been shattering since 1950.  Cinderella will shock her Stepmother by pulling the other glass slipper out of her weathered pocket.  It will slip onto Cinderella's foot with an effortless and sparkly magnetism.

This is when I will press stop and turn off the TV.

Poppy: 'Then Cinderella and the Prince get married don't they?'

Me: 'No darling.  Then she gets her masters degree.'

Poppy: 'And then they get married?'

Me: 'Yes.  And then they get married.'

'you see Poppy, after this scene the kingdom awards cinderella a full scholarship for graduate school.  yep, when she's done with that she and the prince get married.  isn't that lovely?'

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  1. Oh shoot! Guess I should have started this fall!!