Are We In A Strip Club?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh boy!  The Book of Mormon!  I'd been wanting to see this one for two years.

This is not a play for children. This is not a play for closed-minded adults. This is not a play for broke people (but then again, I suppose that applies to broadway in general).  Those Southpark guys are really chargin' ya for this musical.

There are these two geeky mormons in their late teens or early twenties who are sentenced to a two-year companionship as missionaries in Uganda.  Only one of these guys has actually heard of Uganda.  

One of the many unforeseen problems for these two young missionaries is that the Ugandans are more concerned with AIDS and pesky warlords than with religion shopping.  

The soundtrack is excellent.  Some of the songs have hopeful, upbeat punctuations that remind me of the songs in The Little Mermaid.  But the lyrics are nothing like The Little Mermaid.  One example is the song 'I Believe' sung by Andrew Rannells (Elder Price).  

elder price

Some of the funny lyrics of this song include bits like:

I believe......that in 1978 God Changed his mind about black people.....

I believe......that God lives on a planet called Kola.....

and I believe.......that The Garden of Eden was in Jackson County Missouriiii.......

I am a mormon, and mormons just belieeeeve!!!!

During the intermission Matt and I are the first people in line at the bar.

the barman: 'What'll ya have?'

me: 'We'll have a vodka soda and a jack and diet please.'

the barman: 'Doubles?'

me: 'Sure!'

The barman makes the drinks.

the barman: 'Here you go.  That'll be $61 please.'

Matt hands the barman a $20 bill.

the barman: '$61.'

me: 'Wow, $61 dollars, are we in a strip club or something?'

I was in an elated and awnery mood.  Seeing Matt Parker and Trey Stone (or is it Matt Stone and Trey Parker?) exercising the freedom allowed by the first amendment to this great extreme is very exciting.  I also had a confidence boost from my new black 7 skinny jeans.  They are truly excellent.  

Also, I think that Rogers and Hammerstein would balk at these drink prices.

A woman who was standing behind me in the drink line came up to me as we were headed back to our seats.

woman: 'Wow, as soon as I heard how much you guys were paying for your drinks I decided to get a soda instead.'

me: 'I know, crazy huh?

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