Poppy's Strong Reaction to Music Together

Thursday, August 16, 2012

'this isn't your favorite drum, is it?'

Music Together at Tiferet Israel was even more amusing than usual this week.  After having gone through the customary 'Hello Song' and 'Playin' in the Kitchen', Ms. Gila brings out the instruments.  This is fairly routine protocol.  The mommies are supposed to bang on the instruments in such a way that the babies can feel the rhythm or beat (I remain unsure as to what the difference is, but I think that's okay) of whichever song we are singing.

Poppy has just taken about one ounce of milk when the drumming circle begins.  In an effort to show off Poppy's new silver bracelet that we bought from the Native Americans in Santa Fe last week, I begin to tap her right hand on our borrowed drum.  I tap Poppy's hand to the beat of 'Biddy Biddy Bum Bum'.  


(Refer to the action shot above for an excellent visual representation.)

Maybe this was a reaction to the new (and unsavory) florescent lighting in the classroom this week.  

'get me outta here.  this lighting does nothing for my complexion,'  -poppy.

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