Agenda Pushing Onesies

Friday, July 20, 2012

why does matt want her to go to school in california?  

My in-laws purchased some Oklahoma University onesies for Poppy, onesies that pay tribute to the ‘Sooners’ of Oklahoma University.  The thing is though, I'm not sure that Poppy is going to like football.  I've never understood the game; all I know is that there are a series of 'downs' and that the first one is the best one.

Matt makes frequent trips to California to do business deals.  He has become quite fond of the people and ideas hovering around there, so he bought Poppy a Stanford onesie.  I think that Poppy should go to Princeton or Oxford as opposed to going to school in a state where the only cultural advantage is being able to turn right at a red light.  Well, I guess that's not fair.  They also have a lot of frozen yogurt stores. 

When you browse the aisles or websites of baby clothing retailers, you’re likely to be bombarded with onesies trumpeting a diverse variety of propaganda:

‘I love my aunt’
‘I love my grandma’
‘I'm a daddy's girl’
‘Mormons Rock!’

Onesies that project from their little bodies that which we hope they will embody.  

Is it okay for us parents/grandparents/other interested parties to exploit our baby's current state of illiteracy to push our own agenda? 

YES!!!  I vote yes. 

i chose this one because i am convinced that poppy will love new york

does poppy have a mustache?

this one is for one of Mitt's grandbabies


  1. wait, I thought the point of a cute baby is for it to be a status symbol? arm candy? no? :)