The 2 Month Checkup

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anthropologie sells a few French versions of  classic Dr.Seuss books

I was inclined to ask Dr. Dreiling when I should really be reading to Poppy, like reading to her for real.  We have of course been reading her some of the short classics, Goodnight Moon and so-forth.  (Well, in reality I think that it has only been read to her two times).  But my question to Dr. Dreiling was:

'When should we really begin to read to her?  When will her cognitive skills be such that a 25 minute reading session won't be solely for my pleasure.'

It's not that I don't want to read to her, I do.  It's just that, you see, I'm an American who needs clear set goals with at least some hope of impending results.  I'm not expecting her to be able to ask me questions about the interpreted message in The Giving Tree,  I just want to know that my effort might be helping to move her toward the goal of speaking, and also toward the goal of her getting into an Ivy league University.

Dr. Dreiling responded as exactly as one might have predicted.  'Any time she hears the English language, she stands to benefit from it.'

'How much did you read to your children when they were 2 months old?'  It was obvious that this probing was slightly annoying to Dr. Dreiling, but it's always telling to hear what the pediatricians put into practice with their kiddos.

'I read to them at night, played Radiohead to them, and I didn't let them watch TV.'

There you go.  Now Matt reads her the notes of financial statements and Bloomberg articles.