Poppy's first photo shoot (outside the womb that is)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saturday was Poppy's photo shoot to immortalize her tiny naked self.  I found it more pleasurable than I thought I would watching the photographer pose her in buckets and in little blankets while praising her malleability.  I'm not sure if the photographer was simply telling me what any new mother would want to hear, but I am sure that I don't care either way.  I interpret nearly any praise for Poppy as tacit praise for my mothering skills and therefore I loved hearing about how well-behaved my 6-week old was.  

We have already booked another photo shoot for November to make cheesy Christmas card photos.  You know, the kind you get with the children and the parents and the dogs all smiling widely next to an inexplicable forest or in front of the non-functioning fireplace.  Personally, I have always found these cards to be a bit ostentatious...but that doesn't stop me from wanting to get one done this year now that I have enough nuclear family members to fill a Christmas card.  Perhaps I can get the photographer to come up with an edgier pose for our family sans the ubiquitous Christmas sweaters.  Standing at a bus stop looking full of angst for example-            

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